How ectomorphs gain weight: nutrition and training issues

food-on-setRecommendations for a competent nutrition plan. How to build your training schedule. Useful tips.

Ectomorphs are people with a lean physique and active metabolism. Their features:

  • thin torso and thin (long) bones;
  • energy;
  • lack of a tendency to be overweight;
  • difficulties in gaining muscle mass, even with active nutrition.

If you belong to this category, then you should be attentive to the top fitness blog. What should be the nutrition for ectomorph? How to organize classes?


Mass gain for ectomorphs is a special process where attention should be paid to even the smallest nuances. To increase muscle mass by 300-500 grams per week can not do without increasing the total calorie content of food. Calculation of the required number of calories should be made taking into account the total weight. So, the optimal volume is from 50 to 60 kcal per kilogram of weight. Further calculation is simple. If your weight is 60 kilograms, then a sufficient number of calories from 3 to 3.6 thousand.

Frequency of receptions is also of no small importance. The optimal amount is 5-7 times a day (including protein intake). Breaks between doses should not be more than 3-4 hours. An important point is the percentage distribution of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. So, a good diet is 30-35% of protein products, about 50% is carbohydrates and the rest is saturated fats. At the same time, make sure that simple carbohydrates are excluded from the diet (in extreme cases, minimize them).

As for fats, they should be selected with extreme caution. So, in the diet should be oils (rapeseed, peanut and olive), fish (necessarily «fat» varieties), seeds, walnuts and so on.

General recommendations

Diet is not the only thing worth paying attention to. An important point is the organization of the training process. There are several recommendations here:

  • try to completely eliminate or minimize aerobic exercise;
  • Before starting classes, pay attention to the warm-up for 7-10 minutes. To solve this problem, it is better to use cardiovascular equipment;
  • for mass gain it is worth doing a small number of repetitions (up to 7-8) and no more than 3-4 approaches. In this case, the first few months should be more emphasis on basic exercises;
  • Remember the importance of stretching at the end of classes. In this case, the muscles get an extra boost for growth;
  • complete the workout with a hitch, which should last at least 6-8 minutes;
  • there is three minutes of rest between each exercise, and one to two minutes between sets;
  • the total duration of classes is from 30-40 minutes. If you train less time, then the effectiveness of the classes will be minimal. On the other hand, excessive duration will also be superfluous. The maximum time limit is 60-70 minutes. Otherwise, there is a great risk of overtraining. In addition, with excessive diligence, the risk of “burning” existing muscles increases;
  • rest should be full. In particular, sleep time is at least eight hours. If there is an additional opportunity to sleep, be sure to use this chance;
  • training for the press should be given attention twice a week, for example, Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Saturday.


Training program

Once the diet is thought out, you can begin to organize a training program. It is extremely important that the training was not very long and the total calorie expenditure was at a minimum level. At the same time, the intensity of classes should be the greatest. Outside movements that are ineffective are best eliminated. There is another important point. Exercise outside the gym should be minimized to ensure optimal recovery after exercise.

At each lesson, it is important to pay attention to any one movement. The total number of workouts is 3-4. As for heavy exercises, then knock them into one workout is not worth it.

The general cycle of work “for strength” is about 2-2.5 months. At the end of the cycle, it is worth switching to the regime of muscle mass gain. Here, the addition of a small amount of isolating exercises is already allowed. As for the load, it should increase gradually. Keep in mind that working weights should increase with each workout, and the number of repetitions, on the contrary, should decrease. As a result, the ectomorph muscle is most developed.

The main task in the first few months is to increase overall stamina. The next cycle (weight gain) will continue for 8-12 weeks.

The training program itself deserves special attention. Below is an option in which 2-3 warm-ups and 3-4 key reps are done. The best option is to use the maximum weight, which should not change in all approaches.

Training consists of three days:

  1. On the first day (for example, Monday or Tuesday), you need to focus on the muscles of the chest and triceps. In particular, special attention is paid to the following exercises — push-ups on the uneven bars, bench press (in the horizontal or angle position), pullover, French bench press.
  2. On the second day (for example, on Wednesday or Thursday), the muscles of the back and biceps are worked out. Of the exercises, attention should be paid to deadlift, work on the horizontal bar (classical pull-ups), bending the arms (dumbbells), deadlift (dumbbells), lifting the biceps muscle (biceps).
  3. On the third day, attention is paid to training the legs and shoulders. As for the exercises, the rod is pulled (to the chest), dumbbell bench press (sitting position), lunges, squats and leg press.


In conclusion, let us summarize the main results on what should be a diet and exercise:

  • the smaller the intervals between receptions, the better. On average, you need to approach the table about 5-6 times;
  • the total rate of fat per day should not be more than 20%;
  • protein must be given in a volume of 2-3 grams based on a kilo of mass;
  • the main suppliers of calories should remain carbohydrates and proteins;
  • fruits, herbs, cereals, milk and meat must be in the diet;
  • drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day. In this case, do not hesitate to drink water during class;
  • digest enzymes to improve nutrient absorption.


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